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Why Conservatives should keep faith with the workers - Today News Post Today News || UK News

Back in the beginning when it felt like we really were all living through this together, politicians and pundits zeroed in on the inequalities and injustices exposed by the pandemic. In tones akin to Lloyd George’s “homes fit for heroes” speech, they talked breathlessly of the better future to be forged once the crisis was past.

It was a triumph of hope over expectation. The economic aftershocks, unemploymentThe University of Calgary., scale of government borrowing and fears of loading costs on struggling businesses were always likely to take precedence over any debt to the low-paid key workers upon whom the rest of us had suddenly realised we relied.

To anyone who still thought otherwiseThe first time that we will be able to relax some o, Boris Johnson’s new legislative programme hammered home the point. Among the items missing were the overdue plan to fund social care; any move to raise statutory sick pay from the low rate of £96 a week which left many Covid sufferers feeling unable to self-isolate; and the long-awaited employment bill strengthening protections for workers. One could also cite the meagre one per cent pay rise offered to nurses.

After months in which many were hypnotised by talk of tackling society’s great iniquities, the trance has lifted. ThreeThe National Health Commission announced Sunday., two, one, we’re back in the room.

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