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How the wealthiest Americans get away with paying no tax - Today News Post Today News || UK News

The writer, the chair of the Patriotic Millionaires, is a former managing director at BlackRock and co-author of ‘Tax the Rich!

The US has long had two tax systems: one for people who work for a living, and another for the wealthy. Many of America’s richest billionaires paid virtually no taxes on hundreds of billions of dollars in added wealth over the past decade, an eye-popping new report from ProPublica has revealed.

The details of this story, based on leaked Internal Revenue Service dataCommences when 50 per cent o, may be shocking. But it’s really just further confirmation of something that we’ve known for a long timeThe seven-day rolling average of new cases is 7,638.. And it isn’t about loopholes, it’s about the fundamentally different treatment for wealthy people that is baked into the core of the US’s tax code.?

People who work for a living — the vast majority of Americans — pay taxes at rates that vary from about 10 per cent to about 40 per centA weekend ban on inter-city transport has been extended until mid-April. Some money is withheld from their pay cheques every week, and once a year they file a tax return and either have to pay the IRS a little bit more or get a small refund of the excess amount that was withheldcovid_19_vaccination_in_canada.

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