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Daily review of unsaturated resin Market (February 2)

the domestic unsaturated polyester resin market is still in a festive atmosphere. It is still weak before the festival, and all parties to the festival are seeking stability. It has not been started after the festival, and it is waiting for all parties to play cards. In the early stage, there were many downward adjustments and consolidation after covering the decline. International crude oil once hit a new high - breaking $50/barrel, and soon returned to $40/barrel. At present, it is still slightly higher than $45/barrel. The impact of the international financial crisis spread, as can be seen from the import and export in December: the import volume of the month was 3057.946 tons, with an average price of 1965.6253 US dollars/ton, a decrease of 51.16% over the same month last year, a decrease of 37.56 over the same period last year, and a cumulative import of 52033.482 tons in that year; The export volume of that month was 1189.166 tons, with an average price of 1892.4767 US dollars/ton. The export volume increased by 10.8% compared with the same amount of the previous year, and decreased by 34.92 compared with the same period of the previous year. The cumulative export volume of that year was 17972.177 tons. The market is still depressed during the winter, In fact, I had already felt "cold" earlier ": cooling towers, boats, chemical anti-corrosion equipment, vehicle parts, doors and windows, movable rooms, fixed sanitary equipment at the other end, food equipment, furniture paint, Polaroid 7, zigzag counting is 90 degrees from the starting position to the right, as well as buttons, jade like crafts, artificial marble, artificial agate, artificial granite, etc., consumption has decreased significantly compared with last year, and the market wait-and-see atmosphere is strong. Despite the continuous decline in prices, shipments are still wide Facing resistance - the current demand is weaker and weaker, and the downstream demand is sluggish. Obviously, the price is not the focus, but the key is that no one receives the goods. The macro level analysis shows that China has made a series of urgent moves to save the market at home and abroad. China has made a big move fast and hard. Based on promoting the recovery of key industries, the investment plan is as high as 15 trillion, but there is still room for improvement from investment to output. Chinese unsaturated resin () market experts said that the regional market situation during the "Spring Festival" holiday of the lunar calendar - the mainstream quotation in East China is 191 # 6300 ~ 6500 yuan/ton, 196 # 7000 ~ 7200 yuan/ton; The mainstream quotation in North China is 191 × 6600 ~ 6800 yuan/ton, 196 × 7300 ~ 7500 yuan/ton; The mainstream quotation in South China is 191 #6900 ~ 7200 yuan/ton, 196 #7900 ~ 8100 yuan/ton

on the last trading day (February 1), domestic unsaturated resin raw materials remained weak, mainly stable and running in a weak state. The main characteristics are still stable, the trend has not changed significantly, and is hovering at a low level. It is difficult to have a big trend before the holiday, and all parties are mainly seeking stability for the Spring Festival. International crude oil is relatively low, and it is difficult to revive future expectations. It is difficult for petrochemical to improve as a whole, the weakness of the market is difficult to reverse, and the cost of unsaturated resin is weak The future market will also continue; On the same day, the raw materials were slightly sorted out, and the rise and fall were seen. This change was small, and the overall consolidation was still weak. After the overall sharp decline earlier, the necessary consolidation situation was completed. According to the introduction of China unsaturated resin () market experts, among them, there are few inquiries in the styrene market, and some of them push up. On the first day of work after the festival, the insiders are immersed in a strong festival atmosphere, or mainly pay a new year's call, or have not returned to the market. There is no specific negotiation in the market for the time being: the Spring Festival is coming in Jiangsu, the festival atmosphere is diffuse, and the insiders are mostly out of the market to prepare for the festival, and the transaction is stagnant in several places, with a transaction price of 4900 ~ 5000 yuan/ton; The demand in Fujian turns cold, and the transaction price is 5100 ~ 5200 yuan/ton; The purchase intention in Wenzhou is weak, and the transaction price is 5100 ~ 5200 yuan/ton; The delivery of goods in Hebei/Tianjin is weak, and the transaction price is 5000 ~ 5100 yuan/ton; The market in South China was quiet, with a transaction price of 5100 ~ 5200 yuan/ton. Maleic anhydride market is still weak: the demand in East China is weak, and the festival atmosphere is getting stronger. The quotation is 4800 ~ 4900 yuan/ton, and the transaction price is 4700 ~ 4800 yuan/ton; The market in North China fluctuates, and the transaction price is 4800 ~ 4900 yuan/ton; The supply of goods in South China is general, and there are few offers in the downstream vacation state. The transaction price is 480. Everyone must carefully read the instruction manual 0 ~ 4900 yuan/ton. Consolidation of phthalic anhydride Market: the supply of goods in East China is tense and stable, with a quotation of 6900 ~ 7000 yuan/ton and a transaction price of 6800 ~ 6900 yuan/ton; The market in South China has been consolidated, with less spot goods in the market and weak downstream demand. The transaction price is 6700 ~ 6800 yuan/ton; The price in North China is low, and the transaction price is 6500 ~ 6600 yuan/ton

unsaturated resin manufacturers are mainly on the sidelines, seeking stability during the festival, and waiting to start after the festival - unintentional adjustment before the festival, just maintaining the festival - most of them have stopped production and rarely worked overtime, but they want to be stable and do not have big expectations. They are relatively "quiet" on the surface, accumulation of substantive weaknesses, narrow consolidation of raw materials, delicate situation of manufacturers, and are in the traditional off-season. It is not easy to stabilize. International crude oil rebounded in the early stage and is still falling back at present, The overall market environment is still weak and the situation remains unchanged; The buyer's demand is weak, and there is a more "buy up not buy down" mentality. The manufacturers are under great pressure to ship and wait-and-see the market. Domestic demand is still insufficient, and the background is generally depressed - the world is deeply in the economic crisis, and the demand of all industries has shrunk significantly. According to the introduction of Chinese unsaturated resin () market experts, among them, Yabang chemical plant operates normally with general demand, and pays close attention to the dynamics of raw materials. The ex factory quotation is 191 × 8000 yuan/ton, 196 × 8700 yuan/ton, and the operation of Changzhou 11 + Zhangzhou 110000 tons/year plant is acceptable; The load of Tianhe resin plant is reduced, the sales are weakened, and the shipment is general. The ex factory quotation is 191 × 8500 yuan/ton, 196 × 9000 yuan/ton, and Nantong 7 + Shanghai 6 + Zhejiang 50000 tons/year. The plant operates generally; Panyu Futian has reduced construction, weak and stable demand, general delivery and inventory. With the increasing proportion of plastic packaging in the packaging industry, the ex factory quotation is 191 × 7100 yuan/ton, 196 × 9500 yuan/ton, the 100000 ton/year device is in general operation, and the 150000 ton/year device is under construction; The load of Zhongqiao resin plant is acceptable, the sales is flat, and there is a slight stock plan in the downstream. The ex factory quotation is 191 # 8000 ~ 8100 yuan/ton, 196 # 8700 ~ 8800 yuan/ton, and the 60000 ton/year plant in Wenzhou + Shanghai + Quanzhou operates normally; Jiangsu Fuling has general operation and light sales. It is produced according to downstream orders, and the unit may operate intermittently. The ex factory quotation is 191 × 9000 yuan/ton, 196 × 10000 yuan/ton, and the unit operation of 55000 tons/year is general; Changzhou Fangxin's sales are acceptable, the operation is not high, the price fluctuates, and the sales are acceptable. Generally, the ex factory quotation is 191 × 7700 yuan/ton, 196 × 8200 yuan/ton, and the 50000 ton/year device operation is acceptable

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