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Routine simple maintenance and repair of high performance liquid chromatography

high performance liquid chromatography alcohol, secondary distilled water and buffer salt must be filtered

mobile phase degassing is very important (suction filtration, ultrasonic degassing and other methods can be used)

2. Suction filter head:

under special circumstances, the filter head can be removed for extraction to judge whether it is blocked; The syringe can also be used to draw and flow through the suction filter head to determine whether it is blocked. The spokesman did not reveal the specific reduction of production capacity. If there is blockage, ultrasonic cleaning with isopropyl alcohol can be used; If the cleaning is not successful, it needs to be replaced

3. Check valve:

if the pump pressure is unstable or the mobile phase cannot be extracted, it may be the problem of the check valve. Remove it and use isopropyl alcohol for ultrasonic cleaning. When cleaning, it must be placed in a small beaker according to its installation direction. Remember not to reverse the installation direction for over cleaning

4. Pump head:

generally, apply for maintenance if the pump head leaks or has other faults (such as liquid leakage, or replace the plunger rod and its gasket, etc.)

5. Filter:

when the chromatographic peak is abnormal, it may be that this component is contaminated. Remove it and use isopropyl alcohol for over washing or replace the filter gasket

6. Drain valve:

if the gasket cannot be completely sealed or leaks, it is usually contaminated or worn. Remove the gasket and clean it with isopropyl alcohol ultrasonic or replace the gasket

7. Manual Sampler:

at ordinary times, pay attention to cleaning with secondary distilled water and methanol in the loading state and injection analysis state; In case of liquid leakage, the reason is likely to be the wear or pollution of the rotor gasket. Generally, it is necessary to apply for maintenance or replacement of accessories

8. Flow cell:

when the chromatographic peak is abnormal, this part may be contaminated. After disassembly, take out the gasket and over wash it with isopropyl alcohol (you can operate according to the instructions or apply for maintenance)

9. Workstation:

restart the computer in case of a crash; In case of abnormal operation, first replace the computer to test its hardware failure; Or re plug the interface and reinstall the software on the machine

unstable pump pressure

1. There are bubbles in the pump head - mobile phase degassing/large flow flushing pump/pumping mobile phase with syringe

2. One way valve failure - cleaning

if the above operations still cannot be solved, the flexible artificial eye is suitable for patients implanted with various artificial eye platforms and hydroxyapatite artificial eye platforms to flush and flow with isopropyl alcohol (no chromatographic column flushing, direct injection into the detector by manual sampler), the flow is ml/min, and the flushing is about 50 minutes, Then reinstall the chromatographic column and replace the mobile phase balance. In this way, the pump pressure fluctuation fault can no longer be solved. You can apply for replacement of accessories

maintenance of chromatography:

leakage treatment:

blockage of flow path:

use of buffer salt

when the mobile phase contains salt, the flow path must be washed after the experiment

first flush with water, open the drain valve and use the purge key to convert the original saline mobile phase, then close the drain valve and open the pump to flush all flow paths for more than 45 minutes. In this way, replace the mobile phase with the mixture of water and methanol to flush all flow paths for 30 minutes (this step can generally be omitted, according to the experiment), and finally replace pure methanol to flush all flow paths for more than 45 minutes

pump head flushing

rinse ml with distilled water and pure methanol respectively with the needle and needle tube in the spare parts

if the mobile phase does not contain salt, the machine can be washed and maintained regularly, depending on the number of experiments

manual injector flushing:

also use the needle tube in the spare parts and the special flushing needle to flush ml of distilled water in the loading state and injection state of the manual injector respectively, and then flush ml of pure methanol

ensure that all flow paths are filled with pure methanol after each experiment

chromatographic maintenance:

c18 column must not enter protein samples, blood samples, biological samples

pay attention to the pH range of the column, and do not inject strong acid and strong alkali samples, especially alkaline samples

if the instrument is not used for a long time, the column should be taken out and sealed with a plug for storage. Note that the column should not be stored with pure water, but with organic phase (such as methanol), because pure water is easy to mold


the flow path is blocked

the pressure is too high due to the blockage. Press pre column → filter in mixer → pipeline filter → one-way valve to check and clean. Cleaning method: ① wash with propanol as solvent ② ultrasonic cleaning in isopropanol ③ clean with 10% dilute nitric acid

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