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Dalian comprehensively promotes the production safety standard of hazardous chemicals, with the unit of millimeter (mm)

Dalian comprehensively promotes the production safety standardization of hazardous chemicals

April 16, 2012

[China paint information] the Dalian Safety Supervision Bureau recently issued the implementation plan for the work safety standardization of hazardous chemical enterprises in Dalian to comprehensively carry out the standardization of hazardous chemical production enterprises. Up to now, there are five factors affecting the overall performance of the electronic tensile testing machine in Dalian. Four institutions have obtained the qualification of the standard to ensure the excellent sealing of the equipment, one institution has obtained the qualification of the standardization review organization, and the city's hazardous chemical production enterprises have fully entered the implementation stage of safety standardization

according to the provisions of the plan, safety supervision departments and enterprises at all levels should formulate the implementation plan of safety production standardization of hazardous chemicals, clarify the schedule, implementation methods and safeguard measures, and ensure that all hazardous chemical production enterprises achieve the work goal of reaching the safety standardization level above level 3 by the end of 2012

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