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Dalian chemical industry has been deeply cultivated and accelerated the construction and improvement of China's Propylene industry chain

China's Propylene industry is growing with the development of ethylene industry. For many years, ethylene has been the leading product of China's petrochemical industry. Accordingly, propylene is used as a co product of ethylene or a refinery by-product. Yesterday, the transformation of graphite industry was urgent. It was learned from Yangzhou Chemical Industry Park that the 1,4-bod expansion project of Dalian Chemical (Jiangsu) company has been applied for trial production procedures, and it is expected to be officially put into operation after the Spring Festival, which will increase the annual production capacity of 30000 tons of 1,4-bod for Dalian Chemical (Jiangsu) company. The relevant person in charge of Yangzhou Chemical Industry Park told that Dalian Chemical (Jiangsu) company was the first Taiwan enterprise to enter Yangzhou Chemical Industry Park. In recent years, Yangzhou Chemical Industry Park has focused on adhering to the four development concepts of green development, chain development, circular development and innovative development. A number of industrial chain and circular economy projects are being stepped up, and have been successfully approved as provincial circular transformation demonstration pilot parks

compared with developed countries, China's Propylene industry started late, but has developed rapidly in the past decade. From the overall scale, the propylene production capacity has reached 5.59 million tons/year, and the output has reached 5.9323 million tons, which has surpassed Japan, second only to the United States, and ranks second in the world. According to reports, Dalian Chemical (Jiangsu) company, a key enterprise in the region, is a production base established in Yangzhou by Dalian Chemical Industry Company in Taiwan. It has two industrial chains of ethylene and propylene. Now the expansion project is to improve the propylene industrial chain

"propylene alcohol, the raw material of propylene industry chain, is subject to market supply, which is the reason why we started the construction of phase II propylene alcohol project." Hongmaoqin, deputy general manager of Dalian Chemical (Jiangsu) company, told that the problem of raw material supply at the front end of the industrial chain, which adversely affects the performance of composites, had been solved. The next step was to start the 1,4-bod capacity expansion project

Hong maoqin told that 1,4-bod is a colorless liquid with low toxicity. It is understood that the existing two industrial chains of Dalian Chemical (Jiangsu) company can provide 4-5 kinds of production raw materials, which are widely used in people's lives, such as clothes, cigarettes, etc. "EVA lotion produced by Dalian chemical industry accounts for 70% of the national cigarette glue market."

Dalian Chemical (Jiangsu) company quickly expanded and strengthened in Yangzhou Chemical Industrial Park, attracting a number of Taiwan funded enterprises such as Taiwan far east group, Donglian chemical, Changchun group, etc. Yangzhou Chemical Industry Park also relies on the planning and construction of these major Taiwan funded petrochemical industry projects. At present, it has established a cross strait (Yangzhou) Green Petrochemical Industry Cooperation Zone, which has been officially approved by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council and the provincial government in 2012. At present, 10 Taiwan funded enterprises have been established in the cooperation zone, with a total investment of 1.5 billion US dollars

at present, China's Propylene industry system is relatively perfect, with strong development strength and resource advantages. At present, more than 97% of China's propylene production capacity is controlled by Sinopec and CNPC. In addition, the two groups also own almost all domestic onshore oil resources, which provides a resource guarantee for the further development of propylene and downstream products

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