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Daily use and maintenance of engine water pump

the following points must be paid attention to when using and maintaining engine water pump:

during correct installation, the gear of gear driven water pump should be closely combined with the transmission gear, and the belt driven water pump should ensure that the coaxiality of water pump shaft and pulley is within the specified range, so as to prevent the engine from shaking the water pump due to increased speed or load and aggravate wear

adjust the tightness of the belt correctly. The fan belt cannot be adjusted too tight, otherwise the load of the water pump bearing will be increased. If it is driven by more than two belts, it is necessary to ensure that the old and new, long and short, loose and constant speed pressurization of several belts. In this stage, the electro-hydraulic servo valve maintains a small opening, which is controlled by the closed-loop proportional overflow valve. According to the needs, different loading speeds can be set by the software, and the tightness is consistent, so as to prevent premature damage of the water pump due to uneven tension of each belt

fill the lubricating oil in time according to the regulations in the manual. If the performance is excellent, fill the lubricating oil to the water pump bearing in time. The amount of lubricating oil should not be too much or too little, so as to prevent the bearing from premature damage

do not block the overflow hole. There is a overflow hole at the pump shaft. Through the overflow hole, you can observe whether the water pump leaks. If the overflow hole is blocked, the water leaked by the water pump will enter the bearing and affect the lubrication, causing premature damage to the bearing

do not knock hard during disassembly and assembly. When repairing the water pump, use special experimental accurate tools to disassemble the belt pulley, inner bearing of the water pump and other main components. If the pump is hard knocked during installation, it is easy to cause bending and deformation of the pump bearing, thread slippage or damage at the end of the pump shaft. In addition, because the impeller fits closely with the pump shaft, it is generally not disassembled unless necessary

remove the scale in the water pump in time, and the level in the water pump is 360 degrees; (4) It has the function of preventing twice impact; (5) The heavy hammer can automatically accumulate too much scale on zero, which will weaken the pumping capacity of the water pump. At the same time, the scale will also corrode the components in the water pump, which is easy to cause premature damage to the water pump

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