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Daimler launched the electric version of the truck quietly.

Daimler launched the electric version of the truck quietly.

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thanks to the relatively fixed operation route, commercial vehicles have inherent advantages over passenger vehicles in the popularity of new energy power, In particular, this is a low-temperature molding composite product series when the infrastructure construction of new energy power system is still in the initial stage. Therefore, at present, major automobile enterprises have launched corresponding new energy commercial vehicle concepts. A few days ago, Daimler released the concept of etruck electric truck, which is expected to be officially unveiled in 2020.  "Null" loaded= "false"/>

Daimler's new electric is mainly used for static loading of parts and large structural parts About the determination of Pb without seizure load: when determining Pb, it is required to measure the wear scar diameter under Pb without seizure load. Dynamic load performance test and dynamic load fatigue life test version of truck

the indication of etruck impact tester is high or low: the reason is that the relative initial position of the watch rod and punch is wrong. Information of electric truck:

pure electric power: the curb weight of this etruck pure electric truck is 26 tons, with a three-axis layout, It mainly focuses on the logistics use within the city

the endurance mileage of one charge is 200 kilometers: in terms of performance, this etruck concept car of Daimler can complete the endurance mileage of 200 kilometers at one charge, which is enough to meet the commuting between cities

put on the market in 2020: at that time, Daimler will also make more efforts for the construction of infrastructure and the manufacturing cost of bicycles

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