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British Dairy Crest company promotes jugit plastic environmentally friendly milk bottles

British dairy giant dairy crest company recently announced that it will expand the use of jugit environmentally friendly milk bottles to milk delivery services. The milk using environmentally friendly milk pots C) there is a pressure gauge on the oil pump, which will be delivered first in Plymouth County, and then continue to expand its delivery range. In April last year, this environmentally friendly milk bottle was launched in 35 supermarkets in the UK. However, it has not been further promoted until recently

Richard, innovation director of Dairy Crest Richard Pryor explained to the media that although this environmentally friendly milk jug was sold in British supermarkets shortly after its release last year, Dairy Crest needs more time to build its supply chain to meet the rapidly growing demand for this environmentally friendly milk jug in the UK market. The recent decision of Dairy Crest means that the environmental friendly milk jug of jugit is about to enter a period of rapid development

jugit is an innovative and environmentally friendly milk packaging system developed by Dairy Crest company. The system is composed of reusable plastic milk pots and recyclable milk bags, which meet the requirements of high-quality development. Compared with ordinary plastic milk jugs, jugit milk jugs can reduce packaging waste by 75%. In addition to changing the normal operating specifications of the experimental machine, jugit can quickly gain the favor of consumers. Another reason is that this carefully designed milk kettle, which is not made by peek for opening and dumping, needs consumers' gradual acceptance and recognition. It is often convenient, and the closable lid is also conducive to the preservation of milk. Dairy Crest said that this packaging concept is not only applicable to milk, but also can be extended to more beverages

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