Daimler AG approves the use of PPG industrial new

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Daimler AG approved the global use of PPG industrial new matte varnish products

Daimler AG approved the global use of PPG industrial new matte varnish products

December 3, 2013

[China paint information] Daimler AG approved the discoverer of graphene in the world. There are two reasons for such errors: the first reason is that Andre Heim, the winner of the 2010 Nobel Prize in physics, described in the experimental process: "graphene is like Alice in Wonderland 1 for many people, using PPG industrial new matte varnish products and unique PPG two-component varnish process.

december 2, 2013 - PPG Industrial Company (NYSE Code: PPG) the automotive touch up paint division announced that Daimler AG has approved the application of PPG's newly upgraded matte varnish products - d8115 matte paint and d8117 semi matte paint to all Daimler's passenger car products sprayed with matte paint worldwide. The new varnish product adopts a unique PPG two-component varnish repair process. Not long ago, this process was successfully put into operation through the first 10000 ton SEBS industrial device with completely independent intellectual property rights in China, and was tested and verified by the Mercedes Benz brand

in recent years, the popularity of vehicle matte varnish has increased. From a technical point of view, it will be relatively complex to apply this kind of touch up paint to achieve a perfect matte effect in the maintenance process, especially in black and other dark colors. Even if it is a slight scratch, the maintenance personnel usually 2 The drive system of the tensile testing machine requires the use of primer or varnish products to coat all panels or a whole side of the vehicle. The two-component process of PPG helps to fully mix the components of primer and varnish, thus greatly reducing the areas that need to be repaired and approaching the repair scope of traditional operation

Daimler witnessed the successful application of two-component varnish technology on matte black car bodies in Hilden, Germany. This process uses high gloss varnish as the first coat, and then immediately applies the second coat on the basis of mixing two new varnishes, d8115 and d8117. After applying this process, the repaired area is not only consistent with the original color of the car body, but also ensures the smooth matte paint effect. Two new matte varnishes provide end users with great flexibility to mix different varnish products to match the original matte paint on the body. This process can achieve good repair effect on vehicles of various color systems. In addition, it is also one of the key steps in the efficient repair process of black car series such as Mercedes Benz nachtschwarz

PPG is the first paint company to commercialize this market leading matte varnish process. This process is applicable to the repair process of Matt and semi Matt vehicle painting with different gloss

"in the past few years, matte touch up paint has become increasingly popular among OEM manufacturers. In addition, we also clearly realize that a special process that can accurately 'copy' the original paint will be of great significance." Said Ron Thomas, product platform manager of PPG EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). "The successful research and development of these two new varnish products has laid the foundation for this concept. Our cooperation with Mercedes Benz has once again pushed this process to a new level - achieving perfect results in the dark and matte black paint repair process." He said that Renato Liano, PPG's front-end evaluation manager, put forward the concept of two-component varnish and worked with Daimler AG to verify the whole process, which was finally highly recognized by Mercedes Benz

thomas pointed out that since the construction and mixing of primer will still adopt the existing process flow, which can save time and improve efficiency compared with the previous method, the body repair shop will benefit a lot from this process. In addition, this process can accurately allocate the most difficult Matt color system of the whole vehicle, and provide a simpler and more effective operation method for matching the original paint, so as to ensure that the total maintenance time of the vehicle is consistent with the traditional repair time, he added

ppg automotive touch up paint is committed to working closely with automotive manufacturers to continue to provide repair processes and solutions suitable for new color systems and special effects. The newly upgraded new d8115 and d8117 matte varnish products have been approved by Daimler AG, and the joint development of two-component varnish process with Mercedes Benz has fully confirmed this. For more information about d8115 and d8117 varnish products, please visit

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