Daimler will establish a joint venture with Toray

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Daimler will establish a joint venture with Toray to produce carbon fiber reinforced plastics. It is reported that Toray, a Japanese synthetic fiber manufacturer, plans to jointly invest about 825000 euros with Daimler in Eislingen, Germany, in March this year to manufacture and sell carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP). This discovery is a very special answer given by the Institute of important materials in the face of global worries about the supply and demand of rare earth materials. Toray, Daimler and other investors hold 50.1%, 44.9% and 5% respectively. Daimler expects the factory to supply high-tech light auto parts to its Mercedes Benz brand cars from 2012. At first, more than 10000 cars use carbon fiber synthetic plastics every year, and then gradually expand to 20000 to 30000 cars every year. Compared with steel and aluminum materials, carbon fiber synthetic plastics can reduce the weight of the car body. We recently obtained a series of orders for a major project in Russia, realizing energy conservation. In 2010, Toray and Daimler signed an agreement to jointly develop carbon fiber synthetic plastics. Now, if you have to face a variety of experiments, not only the appearance quality is excellent, but also the performance loss is small, and the new technology officially enters the mass production stage

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