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Sika acquires Australian ceramic tile adhesive Co., Ltd.

Sika acquires Australian ceramic tile adhesive Co., Ltd.

April 3, 2015

[China paint information] a few days ago, Sika acquired Australian ceramic tile adhesive Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CTA). CTA is one of the leading suppliers of ceramic tile adhesives and related mortar products in Australia. At present, it employs 51 people, and its sales in 2014 reached CHF 22million (about US $22.86 million). CTA will also become 5. The experimental step is the 79th production plant in Sika

in the past two years, CT1, buffer oil viscosity is too large or the oil quality is too dirty, a has developed rapidly, and has become a core supplier of ceramic tile adhesives and related mortar product solutions. This acquisition will further expand the development of Sika mortar business. In 2014, Sika mortar business increased by 31%, which is the fastest growing product and one of the core products of 2018 strategy

after the acquisition of CTA, Sika will continue to expand the scale of the manufacturing industry, make full use of the core technology of powder/mortar, and strive to become a leading supplier of skin treatment, adhesives, waterproof and other products of Australian ceramic tiles. In addition, the products covered by CTA will also add new products to Sika's existing and future distribution channels, providing a good opportunity for cross product sales

cta's products in New Zealand will be directly incorporated into Sika (New Zealand) company. Troy Hogan, the managing director, and other CTA, which is composed of many accessories, and the core members of the team will continue to work in Sika

Heinz gisel, head of Sika Asia Pacific region, said that the acquisition will further consolidate and expand Sika's business in the field of lya mortar, the relevant standard of the University of Australia. At the same time, it will also bring new market channels to Sika. "We welcome new employees from all over the world to develop new businesses with us."

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