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Silent 400A diesel generator electric welding machine

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to400a-j double handle diesel generator electric welding machine (daniaze power toyoti)

Product No. to400a-j

drive style direct connection

additional input power kw35

insulation grade F

landing characteristics of electric welding machine

single current scheduling range a

double current scheduling range a

continuity rate 100%

rectifier style DC input

shared electrode 2 0mm

voltage fluctuation active scheduling

shared electrode φ Mm2.0 ~ 8.0

generator power

additional input kw12

maximum input kw15

generator (three-phase four wire)

additional voltage V220 | 380

power factor%100

continuous task status

Title 4100dc (yototi)

situation four cylinder water-cooled diesel engine

emission 1400cc

additional speed RPR M3000

starting style electric

fuel model 0 diesel (summer) -10 diesel (winter)

task ambient temperature ℃ -20 ~ 40

fuel tank capacity L38

maximum size mm1900 almost blank in most places; On the other hand, China's industry has developed rapidly in recent years *1220*890 for users engaged in scientific research,

gross weight kg500/550kg

noise db70

oil volume 3.5L

continuous task 12h

about after-sales like this power generation welding machine, routine operation will not show any results. If there are some small achievements in vulnerable parts or reward operation, danieze after-sales technology will directly help you deal with them, We will send you the spare parts by express delivery. If the machine has big problems, such as power or motor, no matter where you bought your machine, it needs to be returned to the factory for maintenance. During the warranty period, only if the quality of the machine improves the resistance of the parts to the rugged environmental resistance; The modeling version of Onyx components can be used, and all the costs are borne by our manufacturers

4. Product after-sales: facing this kind of situation, how can I get the goods after buying danieze power generation welding machine

answer: customer service replied: "daniaze" brand welding machines are mainly logistics consignment, and collaborative logistics is the world's largest logistics, etc. If they don't come to the logistics point from you, we will take other special lines for logistics, and the machinery will be guaranteed for one year! Lifetime supply of accessories and device protection

[business form]: transfer, Alipay, cash, check, swipe card

[about products]: including 17% value-added tax, excluding freight, 24-hour delivery in the world

[main business of the company]: gasoline generator, digital frequency conversion silent generator, diesel generator, self-priming pump, power generation electric welding machine, liquefied gas generator, etc.

silent 400A diesel power generation electric welding machine, energy saving, environmental protection, fast starting speed, stable operation, strong penetration, smooth welding, small vibration, fuel consumption, small volume, throttling fuselage data, adding the weight of machinery, so that machinery can be carried, It is convenient to move, stable and reliable to extinguish, and the hand-propelled power generation electric welding machine and portable power generation electric welding machine are ideal partners for outdoor and field construction

the mute 400A diesel generator electric welding machine has good load performance. It can stop carrying some small electric hand drills or lighting equipment at the same time during electric welding, and the power generation during electric welding will not affect the welding quality and results, and the voltage and waveform of power generation will not be changed. In this way, the effectiveness of the task will be improved, and the welding will not be in a bad condition

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