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silent gasoline generator u 35kw three-phase gasoline generator, ultra silent gasoline engine generator, only daze four stroke engine quality problem is absolutely guaranteed. The safe operation of the generator plays a decisive role in ensuring the normal operation and power quality of the power system. The parallel operation of synchronous generators. Most synchronous generators operate in parallel and generate electricity. The strongest synchronous generators operating in parallel must be frequency The rate, voltage and phase are consistent. Otherwise, at the moment of connecting the gate, internal circulation will be generated between the generators, causing disturbance, and even damaging the generator in serious cases. However, before the two generators are put into parallel operation, generally speaking, their frequency and voltage size and phase will not be exactly the same. In order to put the synchronous generator into parallel operation, there must first be a synchronous parallel process. Synchronous parallel methods can be divided into quasi synchronous and self synchronous. After the synchronous generator is put into parallel operation, the load distribution of each machine depends on the speed characteristics of the generator. By adjusting the governor of the prime mover and changing the speed characteristics of the generator set, the load distribution of each generator can be changed and the generating power of each generator can be controlled. A press conference was held on November 24 local time. By adjusting the excitation current of each generator, the reactive power distribution of each generator and the voltage of electricity can be changed

[recommended reason]: easy to operate, low fuel consumption, economical and practical, easy to carry, emergency equipment

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