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How to use the combination of Siemens ls68fk956w+er77k233mp range hood and gas stove evaluation

siemens/Siemens ls68fk956w+er77k233mp range hood and gas stove combination package

bldc variable frequency motor large suction

first use experience: I'm quite relieved to choose Siemens for the electrical appliances needed in the new house. Now I haven't used them when I stock them up, and I'll show them to you when I put them in my new home. The rush buying activity is very valuable

evaluation after using for a period of time:

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Siemens ls68fk956w+er77k233mp range hood gas range combination configuration parameters

model: ls68fk956w+er77k233mp

intelligent type: does not support intelligence

range hood model: ls68fk956w

range hood exhaust volume: 19 cubic meters/minute

range hood control panel material: tempered glass

range structure: indicates that cast iron material is under pressure.Its shear capacity is less than the compressive capacity Installation position of embedded

smoke machine: side suction type

local service: local door-to-door installation

after sales service: national joint insurance selects high magnetic separation roller

smoke range elimination package category: smoke range combination

range hood category: side suction

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