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China's new energy equipment manufacturing industry will enter the "gold mining era"

editor's note: the global climate is getting warmer and warmer, and low-carbon economy will become the mainstream of social and economic development in the future. Various signs show that China's new energy equipment manufacturing industry will enter the gold mining era

in the planning of power structure adjustment, China has taken the development of clean energy such as wind power, photovoltaic, hydropower and nuclear power as the main direction of attack. At present, the wind power and solar photovoltaic industries are the most popular

wind power equipment manufacturing industry leads the trend

wind power industry has become an important development field in the future, and wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises will usher in huge business opportunities

according to the statistics of relevant departments, the installed capacity of wind power in China ranked first in the world in 2009, and there will be greater development in the next few years, which shows that the momentum of China's pursuit of wind power will be more intense

according to the relevant national plans, several ten million watt wind power bases will be built in Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Jiangsu and other places in the next ten years. It is predicted that in the next 20 to 30 years, wind power in China is expected to surpass hydropower and become the power type second only to thermal power

although the debate about overcapacity of wind power is endless, it does not affect the development of wind power industry

1 South Korean raw material manufacturer has just ordered a complex hp-rtm metering equipment from cannon afros. First, offshore wind power has broad prospects for development. In order to solve the contradiction between power supply and demand in economically developed coastal areas and improve the merger rate, the development of high-power offshore wind power will be the growth point of wind power manufacturing industry, especially high-end offshore wind turbines will become the mainstream in the future. Compared with land-based wind power, the investment cost is high and the manufacturing technology is difficult. However, due to the fact that offshore wind power does not occupy land and is close to coastal economically developed areas, it has a strong development advantage

according to the data, the 3.6 MW offshore wind turbine independently designed by Shanghai electric wind power company will be offline this year. By then, the industrial layout with an annual output of 1000 and 1.85 million kW wind turbines will be basically formed, and high-end wind turbines will no longer be eaten by international oligarchs. Previously, in October 2009, the 3-mW doubly fed wind turbine with China's independent intellectual property rights was offline in Huachuang Qingdao industrial base, marking the rise of China's wind power equipment manufacturing technology to a new height. Through independent innovation, this product has achieved many firsts in the development of high-speed gears, generators, variable-speed blades, coordinated control systems, etc

secondly, enterprise strength is the key to success or failure. The wind power equipment industry is a game between the strong. Some seize market opportunities and some catch up. The wind power industry has become the main battlefield of strength, capital and technology

taking the geographical advantage, the wind power equipment manufacturing business of Jiuquan Iron and Steel Group West heavy industry Great Wall Power Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd. has a strong momentum of development, and has become the largest wind power tower manufacturer in the region, with an annual sales revenue of more than 200million yuan. In the wind power equipment Industrial Park in Zhangbei County, Zhangjiakou City, the Yunda wind turbine installation project with an annual output of 300000 kW has been settled

according to the research of China Academy of science and technology development strategy, at present, in the field of wind turbines in China, the first tier is Sinovel, Jinfeng and Dongqi, accounting for 50% to 60% of the new wind power installed capacity, with the capacity of mass production. The second tier is Shanghai Electric, Mingyang, Xiangdian and other ten enterprises, which have entered the stage of mass production since 2008. The third tier includes more than 20 enterprises such as Huachuang and Hanwei, which have just produced prototypes or are in the process of small batch trial production. Several enterprises in the fourth tier have just entered the industry and have not launched finished products. In addition, some enterprises have also proposed fan manufacturing plans, but have not yet taken practical action. At present, the enterprises with real production capacity are the first two echelons, mainly the first three

current business opportunities in photovoltaic equipment manufacturing industry

using solar power generation is one of the new and renewable energy construction projects encouraged by the state, and the prospect of photovoltaic equipment manufacturing industry is very promising

photovoltaic power generation, which uses photovoltaic cells to directly convert light energy into electric energy when calculating elongation, has outstanding advantages such as no fuel, friendly environment, no rotating parts, simple maintenance, large or small power, etc. Therefore, solar power generation will be the main force to provide large-scale power in the future, and it is also the direction of large-scale development

at present, the national energy administration has reviewed and determined eight projects in Qinghai Province to be included in the golden sun demonstration project, with a total installed capacity of 26.19 MW. In the next two to three years, the central government will invest nearly 20billion yuan to support 294 demonstration projects, with a total installed power generation capacity of 642 MW and an annual power generation capacity of about 1billion kwh

Because 50% of it is renewable

according to the 863 plan during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, 1000 kW experimental power stations and research bases will be built in 2010 to confirm the technical feasibility; In 2015, 10000-100000 kW demonstration power stations will be built; In 2020, a commercial and practical power station of 100000-1million kW will be built in desert areas. If the plan is successfully implemented, large-scale construction can be started after 2020

experts believe that photovoltaic power generation has more efficiency advantages than wind power generation. If Chinese production enterprises can take the lead in manufacturing technology, they will have more room for development

on December 16, 2009, Huadian Ningxia Ningdong photovoltaic power station, the first large-scale solar photovoltaic power station of Huadian Group, was put into operation, which is the largest solar power generation project in Asia at present. The planned total installed capacity of the power station is 30mwp, and the capacity of phase I project is 10mwp

at the same time, the development and utilization of desert areas will give the photovoltaic industry considerable advantages. The ratio of the energy and power density of wind energy and solar energy is about 20000 kW per square kilometer of wind farm installed capacity, and about 100000 kW of solar power generation, enabling large-scale photovoltaic power stations to be built in desert areas with rich resources and no land use value

on September 21, 2009, the foundation laying ceremony of the 10 MW photovoltaic concurrent power concession demonstration project invested by China Huadian Group, a photovoltaic new energy construction project encouraged by the state, was held in Jiayuguan. In the 10 square kilometers area, solar tracking photovoltaic array, inverter facilities, step-up transmission and transformation, control detection and data transmission system, site foundation and civil engineering will be built. Datang Group new energy company, Jiangsu Linyang company and other five enterprises will also successively build solar photovoltaic power generation here, with a scale of 100 MW

experts believe that in order to promote the good development of photovoltaic industry, two major issues affecting its development deserve attention

first, the cost will account for two fifths of the machinery sales market by 2017. At present, technology and cost have become the focus of competition in the photovoltaic industry in the future. The core of the development of photovoltaic industry is to do everything possible to reduce the investment and power cost of photovoltaic power supply and realize large-scale application

second, domestic production is high and market demand is low. In the past decade, the average annual growth rate of the global photovoltaic industry has been 41.3%, and the scale of the solar cell industry has expanded 35 times. In 2008, the output of photovoltaic cells in China reached 2000 MW, ranking first in the world, accounting for 36.7% of the global output. Due to the slow progress of photovoltaic power generation in China, the domestic demand for polysilicon accounts for only about 20%. Last year, the export volume continued to grow. From January to October 2009, the export of China's photovoltaic products reached US $12.852 billion, a year-on-year increase of 147.81%

short comment: promoting the development of new energy industry requires government guidance and support

low carbon economy has become a hot topic among the representatives of the two sessions this year, and the industry's attention to the development of new energy industry has also increased significantly

the proportion of thermal power installed capacity in China's total installed capacity has been high. It has been called for many years to adjust the power structure, and it is time for major action. Otherwise, China's emission reduction target will be difficult to achieve

it is gratifying that at present, the development of wind power industry has become an important measure to optimize China's energy structure; The use of solar power has made the development and utilization of desert areas reflect their due value; Power equipment manufacturers have shown great enthusiasm for developing low-carbon economy and entering the new energy industry

under the shadow of overcapacity, the future development of emerging industries such as wind power needs correct national guidance and policy norms

in fact, the overcapacity in emerging industries represented by wind power and photovoltaic power generation is a typical phased and bottleneck excess. It is manifested in the short-term imbalance and inconsistency between links, upstream and downstream, and between production capacity and infrastructure in a fast-growing industrial supply chain, which is a short-term pain

in order to promote the development of new energy industry, we must not give up eating because of choking

at present, China's strategic plan for developing a low-carbon economy is becoming increasingly clear, and the new energy manufacturing industry is facing new development opportunities. Compared with developed countries, China has cost advantages; Compared with developing countries, we have industrial advantages. However, to promote the development of an emerging industry, it is certainly not possible to rely on the market alone. It requires national macro-control and policy support and regulation

in the future, the new energy equipment manufacturing industry will usher in a sunny day. In the new round of industrial revolution, the emergence of new technologies is accompanied by each other. How to win the initiative and make a difference has become a new topic for enterprises

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