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A new economic and environmental protection product in the paper industry

a Y za750-n cone disk press filter with low investment cost, which can effectively extract pulp black liquor up to 95% and save water was successfully developed by Chongqing Jiangbei Machinery Factory. The test run by users shows that taking a medium-sized enterprise with an annual production of 20000 tons of finished paper as an example, the total investment cost of the equipment can be earned back in one year's economic benefits

due to the large amount of black liquor in pulp during papermaking production, if the black liquor treatment capacity is redundant and the condition of adjusting the industrial structure is that the adjustment demand structure is incomplete or untreated screw discharge, it will become an important source of pollution to the environment. In view of this situation, Chongqing Jiangbei Machinery Factory and Sichuan University jointly developed a yza750-n cone disc continuous press filter that can extract pulp black liquor. After the operation of Sichuan Qionglai Taiping paper mill for more than half a year, it shows that the extraction rate of pulp black liquor has increased from less than 50% to 95% in the 3D printing community. The water consumption for pulp washing has been reduced from 2000 tons per day to less than 530 tons per day. For each ton of dry pulp produced, the water saving reaches more than 50 tons. The content of C O P in the discharged wastewater is reduced from 37.7g/L to 6.1g/L, and the daily discharge of sewage from the cooking workshop is reduced from 2000 tons to 520 tons. If it is mixed with the middle section wastewater and the white water of the paper machine and treated by the air flotation method, it can meet the discharge standard or be reused, which can completely achieve zero discharge and completely eliminate the water pollution problem of pulp and paper enterprises. Due to the complete extraction of black liquor, the washing degree of the pulp is significantly improved, creating good conditions for the pulping workshop to obtain high-quality pulp

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