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The new economic era has come, helping the instrument manufacturing industry to move towards the middle and high-end

manufacturing industry, as the foundation of the country and the foundation of a strong country, is the basic industry of the national economy. After decades of development, China's manufacturing industry has made remarkable achievements. While meeting domestic demand, made in China has also moved towards the world market

in the 2017 Fortune Global 500 list, Chinese enterprises have reached 115, and the number of Chinese enterprises on the list has increased for the 14th consecutive year. However, there are few manufacturing enterprises, especially innovative enterprises. On the whole, China's manufacturing industry is still at the middle and low end of the international division of labor, which is large but not strong

with the advent of the new economic era and the implementation of the made in China 2025 strategy, China is transforming from a large manufacturing country to a powerful manufacturing country. It is urgent to promote the upgrading of Intelligent Manufacturing in the manufacturing industry and speed up the move towards the middle and high-end

at present, China's manufacturing industry accelerates the upgrading of intelligent manufacturing, constantly bursting out new impetus on the journey of stabilizing growth, adjusting structure and promoting transformation. At the same time, the introduction of various national policies related to manufacturing provides strong policy support for the development, transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry

the New Standards Law proposes to promote the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry with standardization strategy; The guiding opinions on deepening interconnection + advanced manufacturing and developing industrial interconnection clearly focus on promoting the deep integration of interconnection and the real economy, and continuously improve the development level of China's manufacturing industry; In the guiding opinions on accelerating the development of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry, the Ministry of industry and information technology has taken many measures to promote the development of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry in water, soil, gas and other fields

as an important part of China's manufacturing industry, the instrument industry has also developed rapidly while China's manufacturing industry is booming. In 2017, industrial enterprises above Designated Size achieved a total profit of 6875.01 billion yuan, an increase of 21.9% year-on-year. Among them, the instrument manufacturing industry realized profit of 4 The total profit of setting function of output results was 78.18 billion yuan, an increase of 20.7% year-on-year; In 2017, the instrument and meter industry completed a total export delivery value of 123.004 billion yuan (accounting for 6.94% of the machinery industry), an increase of 13.457 billion yuan (accounting for 7.39% of the machinery industry). 1. Product specification: hy ⑴ 080, an increase of 12.28% year-on-year

although under the guidance and support of relevant national policies, the composition, organization and mechanical properties of China's instrument industry are relatively uniform and have achieved unprecedented rapid development. But on the whole, China's instrument industry still lags behind the international advanced level. The lack of core technology, the serious dependence on imports of high-precision and cutting-edge products, the serious homogenization of instrument and meter products, backward production technology, weak R & D ability, poor product stability, insufficient reliability and low precision have brought severe challenges to the development of instrument and meter industry

with the advent of the new economic era, China's manufacturing industry has ushered in the key node of intelligent manufacturing upgrading and moving towards the middle and high end. While expanding the scale, enterprises should also pay attention to the improvement of core competitiveness. For instrument and meter enterprises, we should seize the opportunity of the new industrial revolution, constantly adjust and optimize the structure, transform and upgrade, gradually shift the middle and low-end to the middle and high-end, and implement and promote made in China 2025

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