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New energy development is at the foot

fossil fuels such as coal and oil have serious carbon emissions, and burning 1 ton of coal will emit 3 tons of carbon dioxide. Moreover, it will dry up one day

therefore, China will increase the proportion of new energy in total energy from the current 9% to 15% in 2015

Guangxi, which is extremely short of fossil energy, has a mild climate, plenty of sunshine and rainfall, and is very rich in hydropower, solar energy, tidal energy, biomass energy and other resources. Tidal energy reserves alone amount to 380000 kW, with an annual power generation of 1billion kwh. How to speed up the development of new energy

in early May, the Expo opened up our horizons and raised hope

being good at innovation is within reach

entering the Shanghai WorldExpo Park, sitting in the new energy vehicle, seeing the new energy Pavilion, and watching the new energy exhibition is simply entering the new energy world. Its practice and display of new energy development is really wonderful and unprecedented

you can generate electricity by stepping on the floor. In the Japan Pavilion, a kind of power generation floor was trampled, and the trampled energy was quickly converted into electrical energy, making the connected indicator light light up. According to the staff, if the power generation floor is used in the subway, it can make full use of the trampling energy of passenger flow

riding a bicycle can also generate electricity. In the Canada Pavilion, I experienced power generation by riding a bike: when I turn the bike, the image will appear on the connected multimedia screen. The faster I turn, the clearer the image will be

plants extract oil, which is converted into electricity. The microcomputer display of Brazil Pavilion shows Brazil's specialty, and remote villages are benefiting from this new power supply system

biogas in Guangxi is mostly used for household lighting and cooking, but Sweden uses it for automotive energy. The Swedish Pavilion showed interestingly that going to the toilet is equivalent to refuelling the bus

our Beibu Gulf is sweltering, and the tide movement can achieve the lowest cost of electricity with the least environmental impact. The total installed capacity of tidal power generation in the world exceeded 300000 kW as early as 2005. The Swedish Pavilion shows the successful development of tidal energy in two provinces

Portugal is a world leader in wind energy development. Its wind power generation accounted for 35% of the total power generation in 2010

it has the second largest wind power enterprise in the world, and its innovative design of wind power floating platform on the sea surface can be installed on the sea surface with a water depth of more than 50 meters

the exhibition of the China Pavilion is also very encouraging: in 2009, China's newly installed wind power capacity was 13.75 million KW, ranking first in the world; The total installed capacity is 25.8 million KW, ranking second in the world. In terms of solar energy, China has become the world's largest photovoltaic producer, and the largest photovoltaic panels have been applied in Hainan. By 2020, solar power generation will reach 20million-30million kW

Germany also extended energy research to sound energy. In the urban power source exhibition hall of the German Pavilion, there is a metal ball weighing 1.23 tons, with a diameter of 3 meters, equipped with 400000 light-emitting diodes, which can display different images of the harmonious city of Germany. It is difficult to push it by one hand. However, hundreds of spectators, under the command, shouted in two groups in turn, but let the metal ball swing with the sound. The louder the sound, the greater the swing. The energy of sound can shake such a big metal ball, which is really shocking

even sound can be used as the source of urban power. Is there still little new energy available to mankind

the key lies in daring to innovate and being good at innovation

brainstorm and work together in multiple ways

see the Portugal Pavilion all the way, but also add a series of question marks

in its energy structure, wind power has accounted for 35%, biomass energy, biogas, geothermal energy, wave energy and solar energy account for 13%. How can its new energy development achieve the crushing, softening, melting, plasticizing, exhaust and compaction speed of plastics so quickly

it is said that the development of fossil energy should not be ignited in every village and smoke everywhere, while the development of new energy in Portugal is multi pronged and blooming everywhere, just as Chekov said, dogs bark and dogs bark

Portugal independently developed and produced high-power and low-cost micro wind turbines, which are suitable for residential and commercial buildings, and are equipped with interconnected operation control systems and single-phase connectors for household use. One house or building can generate wind power without occupying a large area of water or ground

Portugal has also independently introduced innovative technologies that are easy to receive and utilize solar heat and photovoltaic energy. It is organically integrated with the building as a whole, and can be used to replace the traditional solar receiver. It is suitable for residential buildings and business buildings with button speed regulation and experimental force displacement digital display. The multi-functional characteristics of the system can replace the traditional construction elements, such as the sun shading devices of balconies and balconies, the covering of swimming and parking lots, etc., which can not only block the sun and rain, but also use solar energy to generate electricity

Japan Pavilion shows a solar car, which can be started with solar equipment on the roof. The staff said that they could run 20 kilometers after charging for 100 minutes. The external wall of the Japan Pavilion will also generate energy independently, which is the first time that Japan has adopted the power generation membrane technology in the world to make the external wall absorb solar energy for power generation

the most interesting is the Madrid Pavilion in Spain. The air tree in front of the pavilion is equipped with five small wind turbines specially designed for this WorldExpo, with a power generation capacity of only 1.7 kwh. It is said that it has been respected as a standard equipment suitable for urban environment

why don't you let such a small wind turbine go? Ask

isn't there a saying in your China that Mount Tai can be as big as it is because it doesn't allow soil, and rivers and seas don't choose small streams, so it can be as deep as it is? The staff said this, relieved

compared with fossil energy, the biggest feature of new energy is universality and renewability. For example, wind and sun exist almost everywhere and every day. Generally, there is no problem of mutual occupation and waste of resources in its development. Experts from the German Pavilion said that Germany encourages various components and forms to work together to develop and utilize new energy through goal guidance, policy incentives, industrial support, financial support, etc

since 2009, Germany has banned the construction of buildings without thermal insulation facilities or renewable energy utilization systems. The German Pavilion of the WorldExpo is no exception. 383 square meters of translucent solar modules are installed on its outer wall, which can not only block light, but also obtain energy, but also heat and sound insulation

Sweden not only encourages the development of solar power generation, but also allows consumers to sell self-made solar power through the application of smart transmission, so that many new energy suppliers have emerged

by gathering, the sky is wide and the earth is wide

the power of one person to step on the floor is limited, and the endless stream of subway people can step on it to produce electricity. The Japanese are good at integration and have developed treading on the floor power generation. It also integrates solar energy and electric energy to produce hot water efficiently. That is, with the help of a heat pump water heater, only a small amount of electricity is used to absorb the heat energy in the air heated by the sun into the heat pump, and more than three times the electric energy used to supply hot water can be obtained

the sound energy of a person is also negligible. Hundreds of people should often check the fastening of the following parts, and they can shake the ton level golden ball when they shout. The German Pavilion is not a show to attract guests, but a demonstration of the development and utilization of sound energy. The German Pavilion also showed a panel type homogeneous light source without mercury and glare, which provides high-quality multiple brightness with extremely low energy consumption. It is based on organic light-emitting diodes to produce OLED light tiles. In short, multiple light sources can be produced with the help of diodes

Portugal's development has a unique flavor, making hydropower and wind energy complementary, creating a beautiful symphony of hydropower and wind energy. That is to use wind energy to pump water into the reservoir, and use the water of the reservoir to produce hydropower, so as to create more energy

the ancients said that with the help of cars and horses, it can reach thousands of miles away; Gathering bamboo in rows can cross the Yangtze River. It is unexpected that borrowing and gathering is also so important in the development of new energy, and it also has a huge effect of 1 + 1> 2

The British Pavilion is also a typical example. There are no lights in the museum, but the room is full of light. Where does light come from? It is to gather more than 60000 silver white tentacles (acrylic rods) through the wall. That is to say, the extended top of the tentacles is equipped with small colored reflective materials. Under the shaking of the wind, the tentacles interact to form changeable luster and color on the surface of the exhibition hall, form various patterns, and transmit light to the extended top of the tentacles through the wall, so as to brighten up the embassy, which is known as a luminous box

traditional power transmission consumes 8-10% of electricity, and 30% of electricity is consumed when the transmission distance is more than 500 kilometers. The Russian pavilion showed that zero loss of power transmission was achieved by using superconducting materials for power transmission. The value of superconducting materials has doubled. According to the prediction of the world bank, the market scale of superconducting electrical equipment will exceed US $40billion in 2015 and reach US $244billion in 2020

Switzerland also promotes the borrowing effect to travel. They encourage the combination of personal transportation and different public transportation. For example, you can bring a bicycle to the tram or deliver the car to the railway for consignment, so as to form a low-carbon and low-energy travel symphony of human energy, electric energy, fossil energy, etc., which is comfortable and healthy

it is said that everything begins with the WorldExpo. The wonderful WorldExpo has opened our eyes: the road of new energy development is under our feet

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