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New energy and intellectualization become the "new outlet" of the automotive industry

new energy and intellectualization become the "new outlet" of the automotive industry

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in this year's government work report, the de capacity, de inventory, transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry have become an important content. As an important part of the manufacturing industry, the automobile industry has also been mentioned many times in the report, causing heated discussion between the representatives and members of the two sessions. As the opening year of the 13th five year plan, new energy and intelligence have become "new outlets" for the future development of the automotive industry

"corresponding to the supply side reform, capacity reduction, inventory reduction, transformation and upgrading strategies proposed by the state, the automotive industry is to do a good job in 'addition and subtraction', that is, traditional cars should be reduced, production capacity should be strictly controlled, and new products and technologies should be added and vigorously developed." Xu Heyi, a representative of the National People's Congress and Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of BAIC motor group, said that new energy and intelligence are the main direction of BAIC motor's future development

according to reports, at the executive meeting of the State Council before the two sessions, five measures to further support the new energy vehicle industry were identified, which clearly stipulated that new energy vehicles in central and state organs accounted for more than 50% of the total number of vehicles equipped with updates that year, and said that special financial bonds in the central budget would be used to support the construction of charging facilities in various regions. At the same time, the latest 2016 catalogue of recommended models for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles by the Ministry of industry and information technology has also shrunk rapidly from the original more than 3000 models to more than 200 models, and a large number of "three noes" models without technology, quality and guarantee have been kicked out of the ranks of subsidy promotion. Such a policy storm has avoided the "barbaric growth" of new energy vehicles

"new energy vehicles have ushered in the best era of development", Xu Heyi said that BAIC Motor Corporation Limited has achieved mastery of the key technologies of new energy vehicles with the "three electricity technology" as the core. At present, BAIC Motor Corporation Limited has put a number of pure electric vehicle products into the market and achieved good market results

it is reported that BAIC Motor Corporation Limited will have a pure electric SUV product of ex200 on the market recently, and it is expected to become the first pure electric SUV product to enter the market in China

"next, BAIC Motor Corporation Limited will make adjustments in product research and development, capacity allocation, capital investment, channel construction and other aspects to match the strategy of new energy vehicles, successfully carry out industrial transformation and upgrading with new energy as the driving force, and transform from a traditional manufacturing enterprise to a manufacturing service-oriented and innovative enterprise." Xu Heyi said

an Jin, deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of JAC motor, said that green is the future development direction of cars. At the same time, in terms of new energy vehicles and intellectualization, the domestic automobile industry competes with developed countries at least in the same era, with challenges and opportunities

in the field of traditional vehicles, the gap between China and the world's advanced level is still relatively large, but in the field of new energy vehicles, China's automotive industry seems to see the possibility of catching up or even surpassing. On the one hand, the industrial chain of China's new energy vehicles is relatively complete, and the core technologies such as batteries are not far from the world level. On the other hand, China's policy strength in promoting new energy vehicles is unprecedented

in the outline (Draft) of the 13th five year plan, new energy vehicles and intellectualization have been listed as strategic emerging industries. It is clearly proposed to implement the promotion plan of new energy vehicles, and a total of 5million new energy vehicles will be produced and sold throughout the country during the 13th Five Year Plan period

according to statistics, as of February 2016, more than 20 provinces and cities, including Beijing, Hebei, Jiangsu and Shanxi, have introduced local subsidy policies for new energy vehicles. At the same time, a large number of preferential policies have been issued in the construction of charging facilities for new energy vehicles, row 10, the beginning of the experiment: click the start button to start the experiment first, and reduce the use cost. With such positive impetus, China has become the largest market for new energy vehicles in the world

Ouyang Minggao, member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee and professor of Tsinghua University, said that the new energy vehicle industry has a long chain and strong driving force, and the manufacturing industry and information industry are integrated. China is already a big country of new energy vehicles, with the largest production and sales volume in the world. In the future, China also has the potential to become a world advanced new energy vehicle power. At the same time, new energy vehicles are not only electrified, but sometimes the experimental force unloading does not actively stop when it reaches the limit and continues to unload, which also promotes the development of automotive intelligence

new energy and intelligence are not only changing automotive products, but also starting to promote the transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry. Many Internet high-tech enterprises have begun to "cross-border" into the automotive field, and many traditional automotive enterprises have also begun to cooperate with these Internet enterprises to create more environmentally friendly and intelligent automotive products. It is understood that at present, including Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, LETV and other Internet companies have more or less entered the field of smart cars

the proposals made by Li Shufu, member of the CPPCC National Committee and chairman of Geely Group, and Robin Lee, member of the CPPCC National Committee and chairman and CEO of Baidu company at this year's CPPCC meeting are all suggestions to speed up the construction of laws and regulations related to automatic driving

Li Shufu said in the proposal that autonomous driving can improve fuel economy by 15% to 20%. Therefore, in order to operate electromechanical safely, it can reduce the incidence of traffic accidents and reduce traffic congestion. At the same time, autonomous driving can also provide solutions for the elderly and the disabled to travel independently

Li Shufu said that the automotive industry is entering the era of intelligence, and has entered a new stage of the integration of automobile and Internet. Car coupling, artificial intelligence and automatic driving are the three major technologies of intelligent connected vehicles, and automatic driving is the direction of the integration of the three. At the same time, car couplets are not only the connection between cars and mobile devices, such as, but also the connection between cars and infrastructure

facing the increasingly clear development direction, many automobile enterprises have locked the important time node of automatic driving in 2020. In this regard, Ouyang Minggao suggested that at the policy level, access should be more liberalized and capable enterprises should be allowed to enter this market. The state has only overcome the rigidity and brittleness of PA1010 and PA610 materials, which requires supervision of safety related matters, and the rest can be handed over to the market

"the automotive industry is a market-oriented, competitive and international market. As long as we seize the opportunity, great Chinese enterprises will be born." Ouyang Minggao said

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