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Trial anti-counterfeiting packaging for new drugs on the market

in order to combat the harm of counterfeit drugs to public health, it has been reported from the seminar on drug anti-counterfeiting and circulation safety held by the State Food and drug administration that from now until the end of the year, four listed drugs will try digital anti-counterfeiting packaging one after another

Zhang Heyong, President of China Pharmaceutical Quality Management Association, pointed out that the anti-counterfeiting label of drugs should include the production time, characteristics and other information of only some foreign manufacturers' products. It should be fixed on the drug packaging at the time of delivery, and it has outstanding expansibility, and cannot be copied, and it should be easy for regulators, doctors and the general public to identify

in the next six months, the digital anti-counterfeiting technology used in China's drug circulation market will be initially applied to the four products of Nexium, Losec needle, Nexium needle and Iressa produced by the pharmaceutical enterprise AstraZeneca. Among them, the drugs with anti exposure and anti-counterfeiting sealing labels are printed with the company's mark on the folding dotted line; The digital information of each box is unique, and the code is related to the specific information of the package, such as drug code, specification, production date, etc

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