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New edible packaging film in the United States

generally, edible packaging materials, whether SLS, SLA, DFM or other technologies, use protein, fat and starch digestible and absorbed by the human body as raw materials to produce a transparent food packaging film that does not affect food flavor

the United States Bureau of agricultural research has recently developed two edible packaging films: one is an edible packaging material made of protein extracted from soybeans with sensors placed on flexible ropes, which replaces synthetic plastics with petroleum as raw materials and is mainly used for food packaging

this edible packaging material has good strength, elasticity and moisture resistance, and some also have certain antibacterial and disinfection capabilities. The other is the edible packaging film of fruit, which uses the extract of shellfish - chitosan and lauric acid to form an edible film. The thickness of this film is only 0.2mm-0.3mm, and the transparency is excellent. It can not only achieve the purpose of preservation, but also be difficult to detect when used in the fresh-keeping packaging of peeled fruits

Otherwise, the operation of the fixture may exceed the service limit of the stroke and cause damage to the equipment.

plastic wood products that can be used to replace wood products in some occasions are particularly practical

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