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PE domestic market continues to oscillate downward

PE domestic market continues to oscillate downward this week, with high-voltage, linear stability, small decline, and large decline at low pressure. The price of Yanshan, Qilu and Maoming high-voltage has been lowered. At present, the ex factory price is basically yuan/ton, slightly lower than that of last week, and the market price is yuan/ton. Yanshan 200000 ton high-voltage production line will start in the near future, and the market will be impacted again. Linear prices fell again due to the arrival of imports from some coastal ports. The ex factory prices of Zhongyuan, Tianjin and Qilu have all been lowered, and the inventory in Zhongyuan is still high. At present, the average ex factory price is yuan/ton. Generally speaking, the linear market should be close to the bottom, but it will still fluctuate slightly. The decline of low-pressure materials is still relatively large, especially wire drawing and injection molding. After Yanshan drove, it happened that the market was depressed, so it had to reduce the price, and its lowest settlement price reached 4950 yuan/ton. Although the prices of various companies have been reduced, the current sales situation is still not ideal

the recent market decline is affected by several factors

first, the zero inventory policy required by the head office, in which middlemen are not in a hurry to purchase when the price has fallen sharply, while companies have to ship at a low price, intensifying market competition

the second is tariff reduction. Although polyethylene tariff reduction is small, prices in some regions still fall by different ranges on the date of tariff announcement

it is expected that the market will gradually flatten after this round of decline, but it is difficult for the market to be completely stable in the short term. In particular, Jinan gold testing hydraulic universal experimental machine is relatively simple to operate, and there may be more imported goods in January next year, when the market will still be relatively difficult

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