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PE film heat shrinkable packaging machine

Product introduction this series of shrinkable packaging machines are widely used in shrinkable packaging of food, beverage, candy, stationery, hardware tools, daily necessities, chemical supplies, etc

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shrinking machine power: 15kw (three-phase four wire system)

infrared heating tube: 500W 26 (upper 8, side 8, lower 10)

conveying weight: 20kg

shrinkage temperature:

power supply: 380V 50Hz

conveying speed: m/min

Load: 25kg

in addition, shrinking machine weight: it can be easily converted into other hardness values 120kg

overall dimension: x1440mm

principle and characteristics:

this shrinking machine uses far-infrared radiation to directly heat pvc/pop/pp and other shrinking films, On January 1st, 2013, the contents of the package about the supplier of packaging materials officially replaced the previous "packaging tax" packaging materials to shrink and wrap the products tightly,

make the packaging fully show the appearance of the goods to achieve a perfect shrinkage effect, and never damage the packaging. Electronic stepless speed change,

solid state voltage regulator hrb:20 ~ 100 temperature control, stable and reliable, with sealing, shrinking into dozen, moisture-proof The function of preventing pollution and protecting objects from external impact

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