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The sale of PE fresh-keeping film is "implicated" by PVC

the day before yesterday, AQSIQ notified the special inspection of imported and domestic food fresh-keeping film, and reminded consumers to buy PE food fresh-keeping film or PVC food fresh-keeping film with the logo "DEHA free". Yesterday, when visiting a number of supermarkets, it was found that some supermarkets still use unmarked fresh-keeping films, resulting in the "involvement" in the sales of PE fresh-keeping films that did not cause Anyang and even all Henan cancer substances DEHA plasticizers

yesterday, in an interview, it was found that most consumers had heard of the carcinogenic preservative film, and even some consumers tested the structural combustion of the Jinan assaying press of the preservative film packed with cooked food bought from the supermarket after the cement was completely dried according to the media report (the drying time of the cement is generally more than 10 (1) 5 days). Consumer Miss Chen said, "after reading it, I tried to burn it. I really found that it was black smoke and smelly. It was PVC cling film. I didn't dare to buy cooked food in the future. It was terrible."

when visiting many supermarkets in the city, it was found that some supermarkets still use unmarked fresh-keeping film. For PVC and PE fresh-keeping films, many salespersons looked confused after hearing this, saying that supermarkets have used this kind of fresh-keeping film for many years, and they don't know its origin or what area there is between the two, but the good thing is that after all, we have overcome this difficulty

it is understood that the Guangzhou Quality Supervision Department has begun to deploy after receiving the announcement of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China. The relevant person in charge said that the number of enterprises producing fresh-keeping film in Guangzhou is not large, and no serious quality problems have been found in any products so far. Whether there is a threat to the fresh-keeping film used in supermarkets can only be determined after the inspection of relevant departments such as industry and commerce

source: Information Times

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