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PDM system construction Harbin electric power informatization road


Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Harbin electric power") is a large state-owned manufacturing enterprise established in the 1950s. It mainly undertakes the design and manufacturing of large hydropower and thermal power units at home and abroad. After half a century of continuous development, the design method of Harbin electric products has changed from "everyone lying on the drawing board" in the past to the electronic drawing with one computer in each hand. The production and sales management has changed from the past, fax and paper notice to the current intranet and Internet communication. Especially in the construction process of the Three Gorges Project in recent years, the original design and management mode has gradually revealed many disadvantages that are not suitable for the needs of the international market, mainly as follows: 1 The storage of drawings and documents is scattered, and the version control is easy to be confused, difficult to query and manage, and sometimes lost; 2. The product structure is lack of complete set, and there are many repeated work in the reconfiguration of similar product structure; 3. The management of product design process is not electronic. Due to the long time of drawing transmission, low efficiency of countersignature and approval (review), the flow process of drawings cannot be tracked and monitored, which is easy to cause ambiguity and mutual selection; 4. In terms of the integration of design software and its information, there is no functional integration between the software, and the product data between different departments cannot be organically shared. These drawbacks will undoubtedly hinder the development of enterprises. The brutal market competition at home and abroad and the urgent situation of integrating with international technology forced Harbin electric power to make up its mind to develop the road of enterprise informatization through the implementation of PDM system

development and implementation process

1 Product selection

whether the product selection conforms to the actual situation of the enterprise is the key to the implementation of PDM system. According to the principle of "mature technology, convenient customization, practical functions and promising development", Harbin Electric has conducted in-depth research and demonstration on a variety of PDM products at home and abroad, and finally targeted the metaphase of SDRC (now EDS PLM solutions) with a set of scientific implementation methodology. At the same time, in order to ensure the strict implementation of SDRC's PDM implementation methodology, SDRC's Chinese engineers are employed as implementation consultants

2. The successful implementation of PDM system must first ensure that the development team has rich implementation experience and strong combat effectiveness. Since its application for project approval, Harbin Electric has set the technology supporting unit in the Department of precision instruments of Tsinghua University with implementation experience. At the same time, professional business backbones headed by the top leaders have been transferred from various departments within the enterprise to join the development team, forming a collaborative development team with PDM product suppliers as implementation consultants, famous universities as technical support, and internal technical backbones as backup forces. The composition of this hierarchical and multi-directional team not only ensures the openness of making full use of the core technology of the prototype product, but also ensures the practicality of the customized content of the system

3. Determine the implementation steps

after the establishment of Harbin Electric PDM system development team, the system implementation steps were formulated based on the principle of "key breakthroughs, step-by-step implementation, refinement and pragmatism, and based on the long-term". The implementation of Harbin Electric PDM system has gone through the following four stages:

(1) demand analysis and system design stage

in this stage, it mainly completes the investigation of business needs, standardizes coding standards, summarizes the approval process, system modeling and design work, and finally generates a prototype system for preliminary training and interaction with users

(2) simulation operation stage

at this stage, Harbin Electric Power tested the PDM system of Harbin electric power with the design of a complete set of "water guide mechanism" of the actual production project turbine. The unit is composed of nearly 10000 parts. Through the practical application of the customized Harbin Electric PDM system, the users not only improve their understanding and understanding of the PDM system, but also find many deficiencies of the system, so that the system has been continuously improved and perfected

(3) full operation stage

after many improvements and improvements, the Harbin Electric PDM system has entered the full operation stage after national acceptance, and has gradually played its role

system features

1 Scientific architecture

determining the scientific architecture is the basis for the successful implementation of PDM system. Harbin electric power has made practical expansion on the basis of the advanced and scientific architecture of metaphase software, forming a unique architecture. As shown in Figure 1:

2 Strict and reliable security system

Product data is the wealth of enterprises. Once it is leaked, it may cause enterprises to suffer serious losses in the fierce market competition. Harbin Electric PDM system has a strict and reliable security system. According to the working status of documents, Harbin Electric Corporation divides documents into two categories: one is dynamic working documents; One is static engineering documents. For dynamic working documents, Harbin Electric PDM system mainly relies on the authority and password of the operating system, the password of Harbin Electric PDM system, the basic role of users in Harbin Electric PDM system and the dynamic role in the working group, as well as the access authority mechanism of the document library to control the access to data layer by layer; For static engineering documents (such as historical data and archived documents), the security of the engineering database is ensured through the authority and password of the operating system, the basic role and password of the user in the Harbin Electric PDM system, and the access approval process of the engineering database

the security model of Harbin Electric PDM system document is shown in Figure 2:

3 Rich and practical functions

(1) through the document management function, solve the dynamic data archiving and retrieval problems of Harbin electric power. In terms of data archiving, electronic drawings and documents are classified and managed in an orderly manner by using electronic warehouses. In terms of data inspection, the energy difference before and after the pendulum impact sample is used to confirm the toughness or brittle cable of the sample. The system provides rich query methods, which can not only query the data according to the traditional methods such as drawing number, but also according to the product structure relationship

(2) by realizing the configuration management of product structure, we can solve the management problem of product structure of Harbin electric power. Product structure configuration management ensures the completeness of documents in the database by recording the relationship between parts and components and the relationship between product design structure and product design documents. At the same time, by recording the relationship between the documents specified by enterprise personnel and specific product assemblies and parts, the relationship between documents, assemblies and parts is expressed in the form of a tree. At the same time, enterprise personnel can query product design documents by expanding the product structure tree

(3) through process management, the whole process flow is effectively monitored, the formation process of product data is effectively saved, and the phenomenon of different departments using different versions of design drawings is avoided, so as to avoid the phenomenon of unclear and mutual "promotion" in the process of product development. At the same time, the concurrent product design idea is introduced into the process management to shorten the document transmission and processing time, and try to improve the design efficiency of Harbin electric power

(4) through the project management function, realize the management and control of project tasks, and maintain the project information. In this way, the leaders of the project can monitor the progress of the whole project, make corresponding adjustments and evaluations, ensure that the products can be successfully developed on time, and improve the reputation and efficiency of Harbin electric power product development

(5) realize the management function of engineering data by establishing engineering database. The PDM system of Harbin electric power realizes the management of historical data and archived data of Harbin electric power, which is equivalent to the function of archives of Harbin electric power. Under the monitoring of the safety control mechanism of the engineering database management system, enterprise personnel can find the required historical data and documents as soon as possible through convenient and flexible query methods, so that the traditional design experience of Harbin electric power can be effectively used and played in the computerized design process. This is very important and necessary to help inexperienced designers master design ideas and methods as soon as possible

(6) due to the lack of information between the software of Harbin Electric Corporation to help provide the necessary oxygen, nutrition, fluid and drug information sharing, the product data between different departments can not be organically shared, forming a "data island", which can not meet the needs of the integrated management system for design data. The interface management system in Harbin Electric Power PDM system is used to solve these "data islands", effectively organize and manage all kinds of data that need to be shared, truly realize the sharing of information between various departments and various software in Harbin electric power, improve the efficiency of product development, and shorten the development time

4. Tight and smooth function and information integration

PDM system, as an integration framework of enterprises, is the "data hub" of other enterprise systems. Each system takes the BOM of design data source as the "data link" to realize data sharing and unification under the coordination and control of PDM system. Harbin Electric PDM system, CAD and CAPP system have achieved the bottom level integration of the system, realizing the two-way flow of data between cad/capp and PDM and the real-time switching of user operating environment; It realizes the function integration with the hydraulic turbine scheme system; Realize data integration with management information system through interface and intermediate database. As shown in Figure 3:

5 The ingenious perfect integration of PDM and CAPP

most enterprises implement PDM. In dealing with the integration relationship with CAPP, they often purchase commercial CAPP products separately, and then integrate with PDM through the intermediate interface. Harbin Electric abstracts the main business logic handled by the CAPP system into the operation of some classes, and defines these classes as the classes that regularly visit the bottom of the system and timely meet the needs of customers through the PDM system (such as v1gxgs, v1ustime classes), which are uniformly managed by PDM, so as to realize the real-time control of process data by PDM, and the CAPP system can also share PDM data resources in real time

implementation effect

the PDM system of Harbin electric power has experienced many trials and tests from demonstration, simulation operation to comprehensive promotion and application, and has also been continuously improved and improved. It has entered the stage of comprehensive promotion and application in the enterprise, and has played a great role in the design process of Harbin electric power. So far, Harbin electric power has used PDM system to complete the design tasks of four products in three projects, "650MW Qinshan nuclear power project", "QFSN Liaodian steam power project" and "the Vickers hardness test of air-cooled 150MW steam turbine generator is mainly used for material research and scientific experiments, and the small load Vickers hardness test is mainly used to test the hardness of small precision parts Motor Project". In particular, its product structure configuration function enables users to complete the work that used to take 3 to 5 days through less than half an hour of easy configuration when designing two products with most similar structural relationships in the "air cooled 150MW steam turbine generator project". The parts list that used to take a week to draw can be printed in only 3 to 4 hours through the report export tool of Harbin Electric PDM system. Psychologically, users have changed from passive application to active installation and use. In terms of process control, users can not only save the time of taking the drawings to various departments for countersignature and approval, but also make the process feedback information intervene in advance, which is convenient for communication and clear. In terms of project management, the project leader can monitor the progress of the project at any time. In addition, from the application scope

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