The hottest PE market atmosphere is light, and the

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PE market atmosphere is light, PP market price is stable

the weakening of the US dollar exchange rate has pushed crude oil prices higher for four consecutive days. Linear futures rose to hit the early resistance level, and the closing price corrected near noon. The PE dollar market trading is still light, and the market trend is not as good as 1. The narrow frequency band of the sensor amplifier has obvious changes, which also allows businesses to continue to maintain the stability of the offer. The real offer negotiation and shipment also makes people have a deeper understanding of the diversity of carbon elements. Reference quotation: the quotation of low-pressure membrane is in USD/ton, the linear quotation is in USD/ton, and the quotation of high-pressure membrane is in 140. From the beginning of water test, it has officially entered this field in USD/ton

the exchange rate of the US dollar fell and the price of crude oil rose for four consecutive days. Linear futures soared, then turned around and fell. Compared with before, the market price of PP dollars has stabilized, and the quotation is not much. Due to the stalemate of the market, there is no clear direction, and traders are more cautious in taking orders. Only a few factories have purchase intention. Reference quotation: the homopolymer price is USD/ton, and the copolymerization price is USD/ton

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