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PE manufacturers are eyeing 9000 tons of PVC cling film "cheese"

yesterday was the second day after the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine issued a warning on the consumption of food cling film. At almost the same time, a considerable number of large users of PVC cling film in supermarkets and restaurants in Guangzhou were discussing countermeasures to find alternative packaging materials for PVC food cling film. However, PE and PVDC food preservative film manufacturers, which suddenly received good news, were ready to move, saying that they would clean up and replace potentially harmful PVC food packaging materials

Guangzhou × Liang Mingang, marketing and sales manager of Liang Chemical Co., Ltd. in China, said that the AQSIQ ban was an opportunity for PE and PVDC fresh-keeping films. According to the report from the front-line salesperson of the market, the sales of PE fresh-keeping film of the company have increased rapidly in recent weeks, especially in first tier cities such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Zhongshan × A senior person surnamed Lin from the United States packaging products Co., Ltd. revealed excitedly that Chinese informant 1 had called every day in recent days. In addition to consulting products, it was mainly intended to list the company as a supplier of PE food preservative film. If this trend continues, it will be normal for super market catering users to replace PVC preservative film

Shanghai ×× Zhang Dahai, Guangzhou company of Lai plastic products Co., Ltd., believes that he hopes to drive the growth of the whole PE and PVDC packaging materials through this matter. Because the purchase cost of PE and PVDC food packaging materials is about twice that of PVC food packaging materials, it cannot be said that it is an opportunity. Other insiders said that at present, our intelligence is that supermarkets and catering channels are still inclined to use PVC food packaging materials, suggesting that PE and PVDC packaging materials need not be blindly optimistic to replace PVC packaging materials

industry insiders pointed out that when Chinese household fresh-keeping films started, most manufacturers bypassed PVC materials and directly intervened in PE and PVDC materials. At present, there are few PVC household fresh-keeping films on the market, and PVC fresh-keeping films are mainly used in supermarkets and catering channels. Data show that the total annual output of PVC food preservative film in China is about 10000 tons, of which 0% is exported until e point, and 90% is sold all over the country. Industry insiders said that this means that 9000 tons of PVC fresh-keeping film mainly used in supermarkets and catering channels in China a year is facing the cruel fact that PE, a mixture, has also shown good resistance to the media widely used in lithium batteries and that PVDC fresh-keeping film PK is out

information source: insufficient charging pile (station), Golden Goat

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