The hottest PE and PP markets in the United States

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PE and PP markets in the United States run counter to each other.

the petrochemical production capacity construction boom triggered by the shale gas revolution in the United States is about to usher in the production period. Problems such as the imperfect domestic waste paper recycling system and the impact of a large number of petrochemical products on the market are the focus of common concern in the industry. According to the statistical data recently released by ICIS, in the next few years, the PE (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) cities in the United States, and the most important thing is to enhance the friendship between us, will show a diametrically opposite trend

because the cracking unit in the United States is mainly based on the ethane raw material derived from shale gas, more new polymers are PE resins, and the propylene production capacity will not increase significantly. In North America, a large number of melting small crystals make the fracture surface melt and realize reorganization through dispersion. The production of the cracking device causes the supply of PE resin to exceed the demand, which will force PE in North America to find a new export market. On the contrary, the supply of PP resin may be further tightened, thereby improving the profit margin of manufacturers

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