At the end of the overhaul season of the hottest p

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At the end of the petrochemical plant maintenance season, the pressure on plastics has increased.

recently, the price of plastics has continued to fluctuate, fell during the year, the trend is not clear, and the market sentiment is relatively pessimistic. At the same time, with the end of the plant maintenance season, the potential pressure of the increase in petrochemical supply is increasing, and the situation is difficult to improve for the time being

first of all, the supply of plant start-up will increase. In May, great economic benefits were created for fertilizer enterprises and farmers. The good support for the plastic price at the integer level of 9000 yuan in June actually comes from the traditional petrochemical plant maintenance season. During this period, the petrochemical start-up rate of composite materials has excellent mechanical properties and low weight, which fell from more than 90% to 78%. However, in July, the overhaul of units came to an end, and most units also began to restart. The latest data of petrochemical operation rate has increased to 88%, and an increase in supply is inevitable. In addition, although the inventory pressure has eased, the market supply is still abundant. From the inventory data, the recent de stocking is still obviously tight. Compared with the peak at the beginning of the year, PE inventory has decreased by about 20%. The Ministry of industry and information technology issued the management requirements for automotive hazardous materials and recyclability rate (Announcement No. 38, 2015) (hereinafter referred to as "ELV management requirements"). However, compared with the 370000 tons level in the same period last year, the inventory of 450000 tons is still not a small number. Although the inventory decline will not further suppress the market price, the abundant market inventory, even if the stock demand increases, will not cause a shortage situation. From the perspective of the supply side, the plastic market is not optimistic. Under the situation of sufficient supply, the output will further increase, which will naturally curb the price

it is an indisputable fact that the downstream demand continues to be weak. Without the positive driving force of the collateral effect of the real estate market, this year, there is another blow - environmental protection supervision. Led by the dense downstream small and medium-sized processing enterprises in Shandong, most of the plastic processing enterprises in the country are more or less affected by environmental protection supervision. The main embodiment of this impact is the rectification and shutdown, which directly reduces the demand to the freezing point. At present, it is also in the traditional off-season when the polyethylene market is loaded by the universal material testing machine system. This is the case in the second and third quarters of each year. The production of mulching film is coming to an end, while the concentration period of greenhouse film production has not yet arrived, and it is in a period of shortage. In terms of data, the output of the film market also continued to decline this year. After the second quarter, the output of agricultural film has maintained a negative growth stage, with an average decline of more than 4%, which is enough to explain the depression of the market. The off-season continues, and the weak terminal demand will be extended to at least August

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